Media Appearances

Nusrat appeared on the show “Women’s AM” to discussed gender and whether men are being objectified in society. (aired 1st December 2016)

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Nusrat appeared on the News programmed “The Report” to discuss the findings of the new documentary aired by UK broadcaster Channel 4 entitled “What British Muslims Really Think”. ‘What British Muslims Really Think’ is an analysis of a survey commissioned by the channel, and presented by Trevor Phillips OBE – former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. He explores British Muslims’ attitudes to living in Britain and British institutions, social issues including gender equality, homosexuality, issues relating to freedom of expression, and the degree of sympathy for the use of political violence. However his conclusions have sparked outrage with accusations of fostering an “Us” and “Them” attitude and bolstering Islamophobia. (aired 14th April 2016)

Nusrat appeared on the News show “Africa This Week” to discuss the #OurThreeBrothers. Three African male Muslim teenagers were killed in an execution style in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This has understandably caused much outrage and shock in the Muslim community, but there have also been accusations of anti-black sentiment following the scant coverage given to the events in the media. (5th March 2016)

Nusrat appeared on the Islam Channel show “Women’s AM”, to discuss  Gender Relations & Role of Women in supporting and enabling male expression (23rd December 2015)

Nusrat’s Appearance on the News show “Africa This Week” talking about the History and Significance of Black History Month and whether in the light of Black achievements, do we still need it? And what lies beyond Black History Month? (30th October 2015)

Nusrat’s appearance on the Islam Channel show “Women’s AM”, here I took part in a panel discussion of Muslim Women in Leadership (12th October 2015)

Nusrat partook in a News discussion on the news show “Africa This Week” where she discussed the rise Skin Whitening products and its usage in Ivory Coast. Here she analysed the reasons for why there is a rise in the buying, selling and usage in Skin Whitening, the impact of Colonialism on both Africans in African and in the Diaspora (29th August 2015)

Nusrat’s Appearance on Women’s AM discussing the Problem of Misogyny  in Society and how this affects the Muslim community as well as Secular Liberal society


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