Be Human, Be You!

The lives of each individual are filled with colourful events, some as electrifying as neon lights and others as grey as a rainy day in London.

I think generally when we are young we are told, be it through school or our families or by society, that in order to be happy or ‘make it’ we have to be a certain way or look a particular way. This also gets reinforced also through social media mediums where everybody and their mother is posting pictures and short clips about the highlights of their fabulous life…or so it seems.
If we end up following this, we don’t tap into and explore our full potential to become the best of who we are. I’ve started to realise and try to live this as best I can. I too was always beating myself up with self-doubt and second guessing, I will expand on this at a later point.

You are who you always needed, embrace it! Your DNA is so profoundly unique that it’ll never be repeated again in history….so why are you spending your time trying to be like somebody else? You can make mistakes, you can be quirky, loud, quiet, colourful, you are only human – and that’s the most anybody can ask you to be.

Owning our humanness is integral to our wellbeing, life and survival, because if we do not embrace ourselves for our imperfections, individuality and uniqueness, we end up in this corrosive cycle of constant comparisons.

Be Human. Be you!