The Promise of a New Day

This article, like every other that I write every month, is not to be used as a means of judging another. As the writer (and a fellow sister in Islam) I do not know the state of your iman, and neither do you know the state of mine. Rather, this article aims to foster the encouragement to enjoin in the good for the sake of Allah and provide support in renewing our covenants with The Almighty. This advice goes for me as well as anybody else.

The New Year for many represents a time of making new covenants, setting new goals, extending the olive branch – in short, a time of change. We often hear the phrase “New Year, New Me” thrown about ever so loosely…but yet the same people who champion this term still seem to repeat the same medley of historical mishaps from the previous years. All in all, this creates a monotonous cycle of failed aspirations, broken promises and shattered illusions. But for the Muslim, the one who truly submits to the Creator, this time – just like any other – should be utilised to better our iman and increase our steadfastness in the way of the Islam.
Having said this, just so you know…our new year started about almost two months ago…happy (belated) 1434!!

“Yeah, but…I’m not ready to change, it’s too early. I am set in my ways.”

Defence mechanisms have always existed and been offered by man since the beginning of time and will continue to be there long after we have perished. With that being said, the question one should ponder is whether this would be plausible to Allah azza wa jal. Would it?
Procrastination is an occurrence that not only serves to hinder us from commencing the process of bettering ourselves, but further impedes us from getting closer to Allah through the actions we do. You can make all the defence mechanism you please, all to your heart’s content, but really you know that this is a grave misconception.
History continuously seems to repeat itself as it is replete with examples of those men of old whom procrastinated in trying to make a change for the sake of Allah. An example of this can be demonstrated in the plight of Firawn, whom Moses always implored to the way of truth and to a life of betterment for the sake of Allah. His end was something that was humiliating and regretful to say the least, but most of all, could have been avoided if he just didn’t procrastinate in opening his heart to Allah and bettered his ways. From this, we can also see that arrogance and other forms of airs and graces serve to be a further hindrance in our attempts to do what is pleasing to our Lord.

YOLO: That’s the Motto?
It seems that the motto that got everybody crazed this year, thanks to the likes of Mr Aubrey Graham (aka Drake), is that of “Yolo”. For our less musically commercially orientated audience, the acronym stands for the phrase “you only live once”. But really is that the case? Do we really live once? Within the core beliefs of faith for a Muslim is that we will not only be held accountable for our deeds, but also that there will be a Hereafter.

This is supported in various verses in the Qur’an:

“What caused you to enter into the Hell Fire? They will say: ‘We were not among those who prayed, and we did not feed the poor. We plunged with those who plunged, and denied the Day of Judgement, until the Certain came to us.’ The intercession of the interceders will not help them. What is the matter with them that they run from the Reminder like panicked donkeys fleeing from a lion? In fact each one of them wants to be given an unfurled scroll. No indeed! The truth a reminder to which anyone who wills may pay heed.” (Surah al Muddaththir, verses 42 to 55).

Surely upon knowing this should provoke a further reflection upon our morality and how we should strive in our utmost to increase our iman (faith) and acts of ibadah (worship). The reason being, that we don’t know when or where we will perish; similarly we would not want to be in a position of regret when standing before Allah.

Time: The Clock of the Heart & Soul

A lot of the time we do not realise what we have until it is gone. This is a true assertion, as time is something that’s value is beyond empirical measure. As the writer, I cannot foist upon you instant transformation, neither can I ‘make’ you change. The change, or rather the want and desire to, is completely upon you. As Allah azza wa jal states in the Qur’an:

“Verily, Allah will not change the condition of the people, until they change what’s in themselves.”
(Surah Ar-Ra’d, verse 11)

As you currently are reading this, you still have time to ponder and consider what I have written. Perhaps this may spark a change, or maybe you will remain set in your ways. Either way, I’m just the conveyor. But the true question is this: is this plausible to your Creator?

A Happy New Year? Insha’Allah, one can only pray and make dua. For all my sisters, I hope that the New Year, as well as any day or year, encourages and actualises a renewal of your covenant with Allah and an increase in the strength of your iman.
I love you all for the sake of Allah.

N. AbdurRahman